Best Landscaping Company in Minneapolis MN | Important Lawn Care Tips

Best Landscaping Company in Minneapolis MN | Important Lawn Care Tips

| Best Landscaping Company in Minneapolis

Call up the best landscaping company in Minneapolis MN Attractive Landscaping t0 take care of all your lawn needs. We have some very important tips below about why you should be cleaning your gutters and dethatching your lawn. These are some overlooked fall clean up tasks at times but all very important to keeping your lawn healthy and making sure your house does not get water damage. Read below to figure out why it is so important to bring in professionals like Attractive Landscaping to help you!

Best Landscaping Company in Minneapolis MN | Gutter Cleaning

Experts say you should clean your gutters at least twice a year during your fall clean up and spring clean up. You can tell when they need to be cleaned by seeing if they are sagging, animals are crawling in your gutters or the water is overflowing from them. Cleaning your gutters is an important part of keeping your house intact. Not cleaning them could result in interior and exterior damage to your home. They can cause issues with your foundation, walls, roof, and your landscape. Water can even leak into your basement if they aren’t properly cleaned. If you’re in need of a good gutter cleaning call Attractive Landscaping today to keep your house damage free.

Best Landscaping Company in Minneapolis MN | Dethatching

This is a very overlooked part of lawn care and is considered one of the most important parts. Thatch is the dead grass that grows between the soil surface and the green grass. It accumulates over time and it stops soil and water from reaching the soil underneath. Taking the thatch out by the dethatching will bring your grass back to life during fall clean up and spring clean up. You should be dethatching your lawn about once a year. You can buy dethatching rakes but only when thatch build-ups are minor. Call your local dethatcher in Minneapolis for help. This is a very important task to help keep up the health of your lawn long term.

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Attractive Landscaping can help you with all these issues in your lawn and even more. They offer spring and fall clean-up, lawn mowing, core aeration, sod installation, bush and shrub trimming, fertilization and weed control, and lawn overseeding. We want to help you keep your lawn happy and healthy and your landscape looking good! Having your exterior look the best is a great investment for your house. Find out why we are called the best landscaper in Minneapolis MN!

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