Landscaping Company in Minneapolis | Lawn Care Services You Need

Landscaping Company in Minneapolis | Lawn Care Services You Need

Landscaping Company in Minneapolis

Your landscape is one of the most important parts of your curb appeal. Making your lawn look nice brings together the whole look of the outside of your house. In order to make sure your lawn lasts long and is healthy you have to do some maintenance on it or hire professionals who know what they are doing. Attractive Landscaping, your local landscaping company in Minneapolis, can help you get a strong and durable lawn with their lawn care services listed below.

Landscaping Company in Minneapolis | Sod Installation 

The best time to do sod installation is during the growing season like the spring so the rain can help the sod root deep into the ground. This can be done for spring clean up which we have services for as well. The best temperature to do sodding in is the cold or mild temperature it’s the easiest for the sod to root into the ground. Sod installation is a fast and easy way to get a good looking lawn. You get a denser lawn that prevents soil erosion. Attractive Landscaping will give you a perfect looking yard with a sod installation in a day! Get your local landscaper in Minneapolis to come to help your lawn!

Landscaping Company in Minneapolis | Core Aeration

Most people look over core aeration but it’s a crucial part of keeping your lawn healthy and strong. During fall clean up and spring clean up this can be done. It’s the process of perforating the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to get to the roots easier so that the roots grow even deeper and become stronger. Doing this will not only make the lawn stronger and healthier but it will reduce the maintenance you will have to do on your lawn. You should be aerating your yard at least once or twice per year, especially if you have compacted soil. Aerating your lawn has a lot of benefits for your grass because it has more air, water can easily get to the soil, and fertilizer has an easier route as well. If you want a longer-lasting lawn, call Attractive Landscaping today to aerate your lawn!

Landscaping Company in Minneapolis | Fertilization and Weed Control

After aeration occurs you want to use grass fertilizer right after so that all the nutrients go directly to the roots. In order for the grass to grow strong and healthy, it needs fertilizer nutrients to survive after losing so many nutrients over time. Using lawn fertilizer will help your plants and grass grower even faster.  The best time to fertilize is cooler temperatures in the spring so that when warmer weather comes around it can start growing. Get your local Minneapolis landscaper to come to fertilize your lawn during the colder temperatures. Weed control is an important part of your lawn because weeds restrict plant growth because it goes after other plants nutrients, water, soil, etc. If you want your landscape looking the best this year you should be on the lookout for weeds.

Landscaping Company in Minneapolis | Hire Professionals

Hire your local landscaping professionals in Minneapolis to properly get your lawn on the right track to a longer healthier life with these services we provide! Contact Attractive Landscaping today and see what difference lawn fertilization, core aeration, and sod installation does to your yard! We know that you can do it yourself but the first time you should have professionals in the Minneapolis area show you have it’s properly done.

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